Welcome to my projects and costumes.

This is one of my many hobbies and activities of interest. Let me tell you a bit about my self. I am an active member of the Rebel Legion www.rebellegion.com , 501st www.501st.com and a member of the Britannia temple of the Rebel Legion and The UK Garrison of the 501st in United Kingdom.

As you can tell I am hard core Star Wars fan and a lightsaber practitioner of many forms but my favourite is form III Soresu and form V Shien/Djem. I will be posting some nice videos along in the future and some tutorials from other saber art teachers.

Yes I did write in the last UK census form that my Religion was a Jedism. Seems to me that it makes more sense to be able to travel space and believe in the force than believing in some one turning water in to wine and coming back from the death

If you tell me hey buddy its only a movie! I can easily say well other religions out there are only books.

But hey only my opinion and I respect every one else believes. In this site you can find my works in progress costumes and armours.

Hope you like this site. It is still a work in progress, so please forgive me for the lack of content. I will be updating this on a daily basis. leave me some comments via the contact form and May the force be with you!