Galen Marek

The Armour

So the first thing done to this costume was to create an exact replica of my torso and forearm so the armour pieces could be casted to my exact size. This is very easy to do using clean film and ductape. the only down side. it can get very very tight and hot in there

The armour was commissioned to Mandalorian Arsenal over in the USA. His work is amazing and he is very good at keeping you up to date in the project. always looking for perfection and very friendly. Give him a shout at

The Saber

The Saber is number 20 of 25 first run made by Vaders Vault and JQ Sabers

The Gear

The Costume was hand crafted by Clothears in the United Kingdom

From Clothears site

The tunic is made from a twill weave fabric and wraps from the left shoulder, around the body, back to the left of the waist. It is heavily weathered with blacks and browns with a blood run on the back, there is battle damage to each sleeve.

The fabric wraps / gloves are made from heavily weathered black and grey linens. The darker wraps are attached to pull on gloves, the grey wraps are separate.

There are six belts, these are all made from dyed and waxed veg tanned leather, the side release buckles are powder coated aluminium and the silver buckles are custom made from aluminium. The D-rings are custom made to match the ones seen in the game and the sabre hook is steel. The belts are all assembled with hand stitching and rivets, we made the belts so that they can be put on as one, to save time when dressing.

The trousers are made from linen and again heavily weathered, as are the brown, cotton canvas loin cloths.

And after a long wait and many many hours of hard work By

Mandalorian Arsenal ( Armour )

Clothears Costumes ( Costume)

JQsabers (saber)

We have a final product


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