So This is the first thing im working on . The shoes are made from an old pair of lacoste trainers. using some leather and weathering techniques its coming along bit by bit.

Ok So i have added more items to my Bacara shoes. They are starting to look more like clone shoes . win win :)

So The Lid Finally arrived . All I have to say it is an awesome job EVO3. This are some of the pictures of how i received the helmet.

So after cutting and trimming,sanding and drilling this is what i got so far.

Few updates on the lid

Test Fitting :P

Ok so I have joined the two bits together . I tried to move the front lower because i thought it makes it look more mean. Hope this is ok other wise I'm in big trouble as I fiberglassed the interior to joined them togehter

Helmet Done

And so the built continues with the Armour :)

ok so tonights progress was the belt and the abb section. the belt was probably the most difficult thing ever and I'm still not to happy with it.

Ok so I managed to do the chest
little by little till i got a perfect flush
the lines are marker lines i used to stop me from cutting any further

And another quick test and its looking ok

Calfs and legs done . I had to cut loads of the legs because i am a short ass

Another quick test fit and it fits me great :)

Ok so I have all the pieces cut and trimmed now i am just waiting on the Aceton to arrive which i ordered 2 weeks ago dam you the bay E. So i can make some sludge and close all the seams, then its back to paint shop and weathering
I also made the kama yesterday which looks very good ( pics to follow)
also my clone suit arrived but i broke the back zip right away so i took it to the tailors near work and he replace it with a heavy duty zip
there goes 18 pounds :( this build i s expensive
ok a few shots of the armour all on .I had to take one glove off because the camera wont recognise my finger with glove on

Ok So I painted most of the extremity parts still need to paint the body
but been a perfectionist decided to sand back the legs and star over again
because i did not like the imperfections of the bondo
so star over and wait for more paint.
also purchased primer filler and give that a try because no matter how much i use this isopon i cant never get it smooth enough
but for now i will post some images of my cod and DC-15 carabine

ok so belt is now complete and also the KAma. I had to take my pictures but will post some once i get a helping hand to take some of me wearing the full armor

Ok so top part of the arms and elbows / knees are painted and weathere

Ok so all painted and ready for weathering and the journey soon will come to an end

Done CC-1138 Reporting for Duty 

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